Topics of Interest

New Energy
New energy resources
Shale gas
Solar energy
Wind energy
Ocean energy
Biomass energy
Fusion energy
Nuclear energy
Geothermal energy
Wave and tidal power
Advanced energy technologies
Green chemistry
Green building
New energy device
New energy harvesting
Clean coal Technologies
Combustion technologies
Clean production process
Energy-saving technologies
Waste-to-energy technologies
Energy management
Carbon tax
Energy education
Energy economics
Green energy options
New energy prospects
Renewable energy standards
New energy planning and investment
Global cooperation on new energy issues
New energy policies, laws and pilot projects

Smart gird
smart grid load and energy management
optical technologies for smart grid
energy grid control
smart metering and dynamic pricing
smart grid architectures and models
networking and computing issues in smart grid
vulnerability and security of smart grid
Energy control and storage
High-capacity optical transport
Storage integration and automation
Energy conversion technologies
Green supply chain management
Intelligent energy control systems
Alternative and hybrid energy systems
Energy network
Green ICT
Energy protocols
Energy data centers
Energy terminal design
Energy network challenges
Energy cloud computing and virtualization
Electrical vehicle monitoring and control

New Energy Material
Material for energy saving and sustainability
Ni/MH battery materials
Green cell materials
Fuel cell materials
Solar cell materials
Lithium-ion batteries
Lighting materials
Phase change materials
Superconducting materials
Smart materials
Magnetic materials
Techniques for developing new energy materials
Interfaces in solid oxide fuel cells
New energy materials fabrication
Water splitting and photocatalysis
Thermoelectrics, magnetocalorics, piezoelectronics
Technologies for hydrogen generation and storage
Technologies for organic and inorganic photovoltaics
Novel characterization and analysis techniques for new energy
Influence elements and improvement method for developing new energy materials
Theoretical calculation and simulation regarding new energy devices
Nanostructured fabrication and integration processes for energy devices

Renewable Energy
Biomass Conversion
Photovoltaic Technology Conversion
Solar Thermal Applications
Wind Energy Technology
Solar and Low Energy Architecture
Climatology and Meteorology
Geothermal Technology
Wave, Tide and Ocean Thermal Energies
Hydro Power
Hydrogen Production Technology and Fuel Cells
Socio-economic and Policy Issues

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